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    Hassani Design
    As multidisciplinary innovative playground, Hassani Design’s research and development lab seeks to blend creative and engineered ideas to provide ground-breaking solutions to global issues, delivering them directly to the partners. Hassani Design’s philosophy is based on three vital blocks: Culture, Nature and Science.
    Product Development?
    From an Idea to its Execution, we can work in different projects that suits our clients’ expectations. Always looking for organic, social and environmentally friendly solutions
     We can give a complete guidance to our clients on how to develop a product, how to get the funding for it and getting results.
    Story telling is one of the main keys in a product Branding. The relationship of the brand with the market and its history behind it makes the big difference.
    • Identity
    • Graphic design
    • Interior design
    Silk Cooking?
    An important way to learn about different countries and cultures is through their food. Traditional recipes fill our kitchens with scents of spices and new ingredients, creating a rich experience where all our senses are involved.
    Sit at the table, and enjoy!
    Life Style?
    Researching and making fashionable products to create fresh and young designs to a trend-forward product.